Special bespoke filters from Air & Liquid Filtration

Specialist Filters

Specialist Filters can be incorporated into your existing parts and fittings for a truly bespoke filtration solution. Machined parts can be supplied by us as part of the complete filter or can be free issued by the customer for fitment of the filter element.

Material – Woven wire mesh is the key material most utilised by our customers due to it's versatility and durability. 

We produce many variants of mesh filters incorporated into machined or laser cut parts so our customers can achieve an exact fit for their application.

Material Type – Stainless steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, monel, mild steel, titanium. 

Other materials such as foams, felts, gaskets, seals can also generally be incorporated to suit.

Construction – To suit specific requirements but may incorporate multi layer or pleated constructions, soldering, spot welding, adhesive bonding or other method to suit.

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