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Old E & H Filter Company


In 1947 Messrs Evans & Hancox formed the E & H Filter Company 

  The business was acquired by it's present owners in 1980 and later changed it's name to Air & Liquid Filtration Ltd. (ALF) in 1998.

Over 70 years later, here in the West Midlands, ALF continues to manufacture a wide range of specialist filters for numerous industries and a huge variety of applications.

 We have many long standing satisfied customers, from small businesses to well known multi-nationals both in the UK and worldwide.



  • We maintain a minimum of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 as our standard and have been accredited by BSI since 1996.
  • ALF is a registered member of Made in Britain, a showcase for quality British manufacturing.
  • You can view a copy of our current ISO 9001 certificate from BSI at the bottom of this page.

CAD Filters

Service & Flexibility

We aim to provide the best possible service in bespoke filter manufacture and design advice. Our manufacturing flexibility enables us to meet filtration requirements in various sizes, shapes or designs including cylinder filters, cone filters, basket filters, sieves, strainers, screen filters, ‘Y’ strainer filter elements, inline filters or other types of industrial filters.

We can also repair or refurbish your existing filters and strainers, replacing worn out or damaged materials which can often be more cost effective on larger filters or those with expensive housings.

Supplying the UK and Worldwide

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BSI - ISO 9001 Certificate (pdf)


MiB Certificate (pdf)


Filter Examples (pdf)