Sieves and strainers from Air and Liquid Filtration

Sieves & Strainers

Sieves and strainers are really just a type of filter by another name. Most widely recognised as food industry related items they are also used in some other industrial applications with liquids and solids.

Sieves can generally be thought of being used with liquids to collect a strained liquid and separate out unwanted particulates depending on the aperture size of the sieve mesh. 

Sieves can also separate smaller / larger particles from granular solids, again depending on the size of the mesh aperture.

Strainers are used to separate out particulates from liquids (not solids), a domestic example would be tea strainer or colander.

Material –  Depending on the application, particulate type and size generally a woven wire mesh is required along with some type of support material. Weld mesh, perforated and expanded metals are also often utilised.

Material Type – Usually requested in stainless steel (316 grade or food and beverage applications). We can also accommodate other materials to suit customer requirements and application.

Variations – Various housings and handle arrangements can be accommodated, 

We can also repair and refurbish items with bespoke or costly housings and supply Y-Strainer elements.

Construction –  Single or multi layer construction sieves and strainers are most commonly spot welded together although other methods such as soldering and bonding can also be employed in some instances. 

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